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Gmcw Insurance

Make your employees' health and well-being a priority!

They are your assets... they define your capability

We offer customized and affordable wellness plans packed with Group Health Insurance for your employees

Customer support

Be absolutely worry free.. we have many channels open to your employees to reach out to our
Customer Support Officers for quick and hassle-free services and claims support.

Benefits include Discounts on Medicines and diagnostic tests, unique health covers, Telemedicine, Fitness and Yoga Sessions: Affordable cost and packed with expert customer support, provides amazing and exclusive benefits backed by India's leading companies

Why FinuSmart

Take simple steps today towards healthy living! Start subscribing or gifting our small ticket wellness plans to secure a healthy life!

Comprehensive Healthcare & Wellness Solutions

We enable you to choose what works for you

Affordable Health Covers

Customized value-adding Pocket sized Insurance Covers

Gold Standard Customer Support Services

All Benefit Programs are packed with best in class Customer Support Services

Easy Enrolment Process

Quick 3 Steps Onboarding

FinuSmart Membership Benefits

You Save up to 45%

Discounts on Medicines

Up to 25% discounts on Medicines Purchases

Discounts on Diagnostics Tests

Up to 15% discounts on Medical Tests with tied up Test Centres

Pocket Sized Health Covers

Customized and value adding Health Insurance Covers from leading Insurers

We are truly on a Mission!

All our benefit programs are packed with best in class customer support & claims handling services

Towards Comprehensive Healthcare and Wellness

Focus on being a one-stop solution Platform

Last mile connect across length and breadth of India

Reaching out to all segments of populations